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Prices for canvas prints

x cm  


• Blind ram for framing This process is made when the print is intended for framing. Since frame will hide all four edges, the printing of the sides is reduced to the near minimum. This option is favorite among the ones who like classic look of a painting.
• Blind ram of 2cm Canvas is stapled from the back, the side edges are printed as a mirror image (we copy 2cm of the picture onto sides in opposite direction) or in a desired color. With this type of blind, frame is not itended, although you can certainly frame as desired.
• Blind ram of 4cm Our thickest blind of 4 cm, side edges are also printed as a mirror image or in desired color.


Abstract (Triptych)


Abstract motifs have recently taken a significant place in interior design. Modern and contemporary, easy-to-fit colors not only complete the space, but can also be a focal point of the room. In addition to a large selection of triptych or one-piece abstractions, we also offer the option of framing as desired, as well as finishing in the form of gilding and / or adding acrylic paints.

Multiple Panels


Each print can be divided into several different or equal parts. You can choose prints from our gallery or send us some of your images to split it into several pieces according to your wishes.

Belgrade Pictures


If you need pictures or panoramas of Belgrade for your personal space or as a gift, look at our gallery. We have a large selection of professional photographs of Belgrade and all its symbols (Ada's Bridge, Branko's Bridge, the Cathedral, Kalemegdan, etc.).



Photos from major cities can be an ideal for offices, as well as for any modern space. Here you can find pictures of cities such as New York, London, Paris, Chicago, Sydney, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai.


Personal pictures


Send us your pictures to office@artzona.net, specify the dimensions and type of blind. Prices can be calculated using our calculator

Oil On Canvas FX


Turn your personal pictures into real art with the effect of oil on canvas

Baby poster


An ideal gift for your newborn, personal illustration that celebrates the birth of your baby. It is printed on a canvas, in the format 70x50cm, and the baby stays in the proportions of 1:1

Collage From Photos


A collage of personal pictures, save all your small pictures into one big one